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Kall8 Toll Free Service Features & Benefits
With Kall8, you get SO much more than just a toll free number. Consider all these benefits included with your basic toll free service.

Kall8 offers powerful toll free service for business and personal use at costs low enough for everyone. Click Here to pick your number.Your Choice of Toll Free Numbers Instantly Available
Toll free numbers are so popular for business and personal use that there are four "area code" prefixes that you can choose from: 800, 866, 877, 888. Kall8 has a selection of different numbers in each category that are instantly available. You pick one or more from the list and add it to your shopping cart. By the time you're done checking out, it's ready for use. Now that's instant!

Your Online Account Manager
When you buy Kall8 toll free numbers, you get your own online account where you can make on-the-fly feature settings for each of your numbers. Set delay time, calling length and forward-to number for your voicemail. Change the address you want voicemail and fax emails sent to. Activate your calling card. View call details. Set up call recording. You can change settings for each of your numbers anytime you want, 24/7.

Toll Free Number Forwarding (Follow Me)
Toll free numbers don't require you to pay for a local phone line. Instead, your number "rings to" an existing telephone. This can be a traditional landline or a cell phone. When someone calls your toll free number, it will ring to the phone you've designated. With Kall8, you can switch between your office phone and cell phone at will so you never miss a call.

Caller ID
You'll always know who's calling because their Caller ID is passed through your toll-free number. Alternatively, you can have the Caller ID set to display your toll free number so you'll know it's a toll free caller.

Voice Mail
Every Kall8 number comes with voicemail service that works like an answering machine. You can turn it on an off and select how long each message can be. You can also specify how many seconds the system will wait before your caller is routed to voice mail. That gives you a chance to take the call. Or specify 0 seconds and all calls will go to voicemail. You can call-in to get your voice mails from any phone, but with Kall8 you can also have your voice mails sent to you as email attachments in .wav format. Click on the link in your email message and you can listen to your messages on your computer wherever you happen to be.

FAX Reception
Your toll free number will also receive fax messages and send them to you as email attachments. Imagine being able to read, store and even print your fax messages from your desktop or laptop computer. Sales people on the go may want a Kall8 toll free number for just the voicemail and fax delivery features.

Call Detail Reporting
You'll know exactly who's been calling and how much each calls costs with the online call detail reporting. Select the time period you want to view and you'll get an instant report listing each call with local date & time, the toll free number they called, Caller ID, origination number with city and state, destination number with city and state, call minutes, call cost, and date billed. You have the option to have the system look up individual addresses for an extra charge.

Virtual Calling Card
While toll free service is normally for people calling you, you can also use this service to call out at the same great rates. Activate this feature and then call-in as you would to check your messages. You will have the option to make an outgoing call at 6.9 cents per minute to anywhere in the 48 States, Canada and about 20 other countries. Your calls are billed to your Kall8 account each month. It's just like having a calling card, but no plastic to lose.

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Premium Add-On Services
For additional fees, you can add these powerful features to your account to create a virtual phone system that would otherwise require expensive hardware and service.

Automated Attendant
This PBX phone system function is now available to you on a customized basis. Your toll free number will trigger an IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system that can have multiple menus, greetings and extensions. No equipment to buy. This system is hosted by Kall8.

Call Recording
Activate this service for an additional fee and then turn on the recorder when you wish to record incoming calls. This feature is normally used by call centers and customer service organizations for quality control.

Pick your toll free number and order instantly.


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